Zac Stad

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L. A. Rose Entertainment is proud to offer full management services to Isaac Helgestad, a bright shining star.  Isaac’s professional stage name is Zac Stad and he is the leader of the band, STAD.

Zac is an extremely talented up-and-coming artist.  The word prodigy is seldom used when describing musicians, but is appropriate in this instance.  Zac exhibited musical talent at a very young age.  He began his musical journey playing guitar as a child when he was only four years old.  Zac began performing professionally at the age of eight, where he took the stage and began to emulate Jimi Hendrix.  From there he progressed to playing bass guitar and also drums in school.  By the time Zac graduated from high school, he was already working as a guitar instructor.  Zac’s guitar technique is phenomenal and he shares his talent by inspiring others.

Zac also composes original music that puts a new spin on pop-jazz fusion.  He is well versed in different genres and primarily plays contemporary fusion jazz, rock and pop.  Zac was the founder of and the lead guitarist for the instrumental band T.O.T. (Tired of Talking), which evolved into the band known as STAD.  Zac is also the leader of the exciting party band, Black Rose.

For more information about Zac, please visit his website at

L. A. Rose Entertainment is excited to have quite a few projects in the works for Zac.  He is definitely someone who is going to have a bright future in the music industry.  Don’t let Zac’s youthful good looks fool you…this is one serious musician, with amazing talent.  You may want to book Zac Stad today, while you can still afford him.  Please call/text 858-480-7673, or send an email to